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Welcome to Naturely Tenderly !

At Naturely Tenderly, we specialize in natural Body Soaps and Shampoo bars, handmade from scratch with utmost care using such oils as Olive, Coconut; Special oils of Argan, Moringa, Almond, Avocado and Jojoba; and butters such and Shea-butter.

Our ingredients are sourced from Europe, India and Africa.

Because the manufacture process is the traditional cold-process method, our Soaps and Shampoos retain all the healthful benefits found in the ingredients they are made from for the benefit of your skin, hair and scalp.

Herbal Soaps
Our online shop offers a variety of Soaps and Shampoos which have herbs and teas, such as Neem, Moringa, Aloe-Vera and Calendula added to them. We are encouraged to use herbs and teas in our Soaps and Shampoos because we are convinced that if they nourish and heal you on the inside, they nourish and heal you on the outside as well.

Our purpose for adding herbs to our soaps then is to help customers with common conditions such as dry scaly skin, itchy skin, eczema or psoriasis fight these conditions naturally as was the tradition with our ancestors. Natural herbs and teas are believed to be safer to use on the skin and scalp and they possess no harmful side-effects associated with synthetic remedies.

The colors our products possess come naturally from the teas and herbs they contain.
Gifts Idea
Because we know the high quality of our handcrafted soaps, we know they will make great gifts as well. We feel highly honored then that we will be able to help you express, through our gifts idea, the love and appreciation you have in your heart for the ones in your life.

Our expanding collection of Soaps and Shampoos is high quality and very gentle on the skin, scalp and hair. Because at Naturely Tenderly, we are sensitive to the varying preferences of our customers, our soaps come with or without fragrance. While our non-fragrance soaps cater for more sensitive skin, our fragranced soaps satisfy every nose and taste. All our products are fragranced carefully with Essential oils because we love the naturalness in them as well as the added healing benefit the oils possess.
Let us, through Naturely Tenderly soaps usher you into a world of tender loving skin-care. Isn’t that what you’ve always longed for?